From Milos to Mykonos: a cruise between forgotten places and popular beaches…

After spending some days visiting the beautiful and quiet island of Milos, choose to book a sailing cruise and go to visit Mykonos! Famous for its nightlife and windmills, the “island of the winds”abounds amazing landscapes and swell beach-bars.

Party all around

Mykonos, the most glamorous island of Greece, assumes completely its festive reputation and timeless style. Well-known for years as the gay paradise of the Aegean, the island keeps attracting millions of night-owls every year. Every beach of Mykonos has beach bars where the party goes all night long. In the town, the neighborhood of Small Venice is nice for party, with the sea at your feet, the beautiful twilights and the trendy night-clubs.

Beautiful beaches

Most of the beaches of Mykonos are crowded and noisy, with busy beach-bars and umbrellas all-around. Despite of the animation, you can enjoy the beauty of large beaches with golden sand, as Platys Gialosor Paradise, the two most famous of the islands. Otherwise, for more privacy, you can get on a sailing boat and meet other places that you couldn’t reach by car.

Adorable village

The town of Mykonos is one of the most charming of all Cyclades islands. You could get easily lost in a maze of small winding streets, between the pristine white houses with their blue doors and windows. Choose to explore the busy & overpriced shops all around, sheltered from the wind or sit at a trendy place and sip a special cocktail, watching the picturesque beauty of the “small Venice” of Mykonos.


The small island of Delos, is situated around 2 km away from Mykonos and famous as the “sanctuary of god Apollo”. Part of the Unesco heritage, the birthplace of the mythical twins Apollo & Artemis is known as the center of the Cyclades islands. Very protected from the tourism of mass, Delos is a small piece of land gathering thousands of remains from old Greek times.

Around a corner between two white houses, meet Petros the official Pelican of Mykonos, mascot of the island since years. Wondering around, this fabulous flying mascot is treated even by the waiters of the local tavernas!

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