Best things to know before visiting Milos island

Milos, a small island in the middle of the Aegean Sea, is getting more and more famous year after year. Tourists are coming from all over the world to visit this tiny piece of land and admire its unforgettable beauty. But what should people know before getting to the island for holidays?

An island made from the stories of the mythology

According to the Greek mythology, the “island of Venus”, usually called “Milos” took her name from the first habitant of the island. His name was “Milo” and he was so handsome that the 3 goddesses of Olympus were in love with him. This situation brought so much disorder and quarrel between the gods that they decided to ask Paris to choose which of Hera, Athena and Venus was the most beautiful goddess. Giving her an apple (“Milo” in Greek), he chose Venus as the most beautiful goddess. Chosen to be the one who deserved the love of Milo, Venus gave him the whole island, named after him.

Birthplace of a very popular masterpiece: “The Venus of Milo”

Entirely made with marble from Paros, the famous statue of the “Venus of Milo” was found by a farmer in 1820. Working on his land, close to the entrance of the catacombs, he found a sort of hole in the ground where was hidden the statue. When he dug to take it out, he was surprised to find out that only half of the statue was there… Soon, the other part was also disinterred and the whole statue sold to the French kingdom, to be given as a gift to Louis XVIII, the king. In nowadays, the statue is exposed in Paris, at Le Louvre museum.

The catacombs of Milos are the only ones in Greece. They are so big that 290 tombs were found, that contained around 8000 bodies in total, buried under the ground. They are known as the second biggest catacombs of Europe, after the ones of Roma.

A still active volcano & historic mines

The island of Milos has grown around the centre of a volcano, also known as “caldeira”. In fact, the whole island is volcanic and got out from the sea because of many volcanic eruptions, millions years ago, giving her a strange shape of “horseshoe”. Now, the only remains from this geological story are the big variety of volcanic stones covering the island and the mining exploitation. Indeed, the island use to be for centuries, a strong mineral’s importer and is still the first European producer of perlite and bentonite. You can see and visit all around the island ruins of old mines, as the sulfur mines of « θειορυχεια » and the iron mines of Vani. The buildings are still impressive and the color of the sea is incredible.

Cutest Cycladic villages to appreciate the local food

Plaka, the capital of the island is an old village built on top of a hill to offer you a stunning view on the surrounding islands. Many restaurants are inviting you anytime for a yummy break, proposing a special local menu and traditional sweets, perfect for tea-time. Tripiti, the most picturesque village on the island, is overhanging the whole island, giving a view unique on the sea. Klima, one of the highlights of Milos, is famous because of the fishermen’s colored houses, on the edge of the sea. The village of Mandrakia, also by se sea,  is my favourite on the island. Either with strong Meltem (north wind) or when the sea is quiet, it is surely the most charming place to taste fresh seafood and enjoy the beauty of a unique and natural landscape. Finally, Pollonia, on the north of the island used to be a humble fishermen village but became the last years, the most cosmopolite and trendy place on the island!

One of the most amazing sunset of Greek islands

If you ask for a beautiful sunset in Milos, everyone would give you the same answer: Utopia, a bar in Plaka is definitely the place to be at sunset time. For the romantic ones, allergic to the crowded places, taking a cab to the north is the best issue. Indeed, Klima is the ideal place to watch the sunset enjoying a lovely dinner by the sea. Finally, if you’re more like a beach lover, Plathiena is a dream place to finish the day with a gorgeous sunset!


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